DEXTERWIT, an Ajmer based IT company which deals in custom made sofwares, websites, mobile applications and digital marketing. We as DEXTERWIT are the Innovators, Technologists, Business Developer and Project Managers who work with our customers to create huge results in their companies. Notwithstanding, we are additionally unique scholars.

Conveying comes about: we will probably make considerable changes in our customer’s everyday life and companies, which can be measured by their main concern, By incorporating new procedures, frameworks and innovation around the coordination of individuals and their work and, at long last, by guaranteeing that there are enduring advantages through the exchange of new aptitudes to our valuable customers.

We are so sure about what we can convey that we are set up to connect our clients to the concurred achievement criteria and particularly the quality we deliver.

Commitment to the group: With that high Confidence and Ambition to grow further, comes a parallel desire to utilize our aptitudes and assets in different approaches to advantage our group at a greater scale. Our group trusts administrations and organizations, for example, our own can make profitable commitments to lightening social disparities and no reason every day emergencies.

The center point of DEXTERWIT is to give excellent administrations to the best individuals furthermore to create an entrepreneurial association. We measure our advancement in a few routes: by the way we execute as a unit and the commitment we make to our customers.


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Support Team

Satish Prajapati


Bhaskar Joshi


Soumitra Sarkar

Amazon - AWS

Ronak Jain

Microsoft .Net


“The road is long with Good Company”

- Proverb